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"What does Funnel Responder do that will help my Business Grow?"

Funnel Responder is the Simplest Way for any Entrepreneur or Business Owner to Build Unlimited Marketing Funnels!
Unlimited Funnels
Funnel Builder is a Super Simple, Step by Step Marketing Funnel Creation Tool that was designed and coded from the ground up with the primary goal of being EASY TO USE.

We understand how complicated it can be to build and design pages, setup and configure email & text autoresponder systems and then integrate everything together and have it work seamlessly with no issues.

Here at Funnel Responder, we have taken all the guesswork out and designed a Step by Step process that is so easy, literally anyone can Build a Marketing Funnel in Less than 5 Minutes!

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House UNLIMITED Prospects!
Each Funnel you Create has its own List and Prospect Manager!
Unlimited Leads
Unlike traditional funnel systems on the market that limit the number of leads you can house before charging you more money, we offer our customers the ability to house UNLIMITED leads!

Each funnel you create also comes with a Prospect Manager. With the Prospect Manager you can track the Names, Phone Numbers and Email Addresses of each Prospect that opts in and confirms their contact information. Each funnel has its own List.

You can also take notes on each prospect, update any of their information, Archive them, mark them as Converted, as well as view both email and text autoresponders that have been sent or are scheduled to be sent.

All prospects that you generate with your funnels are 100% yours! You can export them out of Funnel Responder into a .csv file at any time!

With each Funnel you Create, you have the ability to create Unlimited Campaigns with that Funnel that each have their own Tracking Statistics!
Unlimited Campaigns & Statistics
Marketing can be challenging... there is no question there! One thing that we know to be a key component to successful marketing is Statistics.

With your Funnel Responder account you can create an Unlimited number of Campaigns for Each Funnel you create! This gives you the ability to use the same funnel but track statistics specific to the form of marketing you are doing, giving you the ability to see which marketing campaigns are producing the best results so you know where to spend your marketing dollars!

Tracking the effectiveness of each and every marketing campaign you run makes you a more efficient and smarter marketer by giving you a window into specific touch points between your campaigns and your pontential and current prospects.

We track your website hits, opt-ins, confirmations, percentages, converted prospects, as well as emails sent, opened and clicks.

All of these are vital aspects to help fine tune your funnels into lead generating machines!

Funnel Responder Comes with a Fully Configurable Email Auto-Responder!
The Funnel Responder Email Auto-Responder has several different functions within the platform that make it an Absolute Necessity to running a successful marketing funnel.

The Email System has 4 Functions:

  • Prospect Email Verification
  • Follow-Up Email Autoresponder
  • Owner Email Notifications
  • Trigger for Automation

This Email System was designed and coded in house, from the ground up, to perform a very specific set of instructions. Having it as apart of your funnel guarantees that the only people you are communicating with are Real Prospects.

Automation is a neceessity when marketing and having this Email System sets up the triggers needed to create automation. Once your prospect confirms their email address, they're automatically taken to your sales presentation page of your funnel, instantly setup on a follow up email campaign series of 20 pre written, editable email autoresponder messages, and you, as the business owner, receive a REAL TIME email notification letting you know you have a new prospect.

Each funnel you create comes pre-loaded with 20, editable follow-up emails! You have the ability to edit the subject line, the body, as well as the delay in sending!

Email is a very Powerful Asset!

Texting... Yeah we do that too!
Texting Platform
The Funnel Responder Texting Platform is an amazing feature! Did you know that text messages have a 98% Open Rate? You would have to be crazy not to utilize the incredible responsiveness that comes with Text Marketing!

The Texting Platform has 4 Functions:

  • KEYWORD Text Marketing
  • Follow-Up Text Auto-Responder
  • Real-Time Text Notifications
  • Trigger for Automation

The Texting Platform also was designed and coded in house, from the ground up, to perform a very specific set of instructions. With a Ridiculously High Response Rate across the board, having a text marketing system is an absolute no brainer.

Each funnel you create comes with 5, editable follow-up text messages! You have the ability to edit the content of each message as well as the delay in sending!

Keyword Texting

Each funnel that you build you will create a Keyword for that funnel. That Keyword will be registered on the Funnel Responder Texting Platform. That way you can have your prospects text your Keyword to the Funnel Responder phone number and they will instantly be delivered the presentation link to that funnel, setup on a follow up text campaign series of 5 pre written, editable text autoresponder messages, and you, as the business owner, receive a REAL TIME text notification letting you know you have a new prospect.

Text Messaging is the single most responsive form of marketing available. Put this system to work for you and take your business to the next level!

98% Open Rate! Need We Say More?

Real-Time Email & Text Notifications
Real-Time Notifications
As a Business Owner, it is important for you to know when you generate new prospects. Anytime a prospect confirms their email address or texts your Funnels Keyword to the Funnel Responder Texting Phone Number, you will instantly receive an email and a text notification in Real-Time notifying you that you have a new prospect that has confirmed their contact information!

These are REAL-TIME Notifications!

Staying actively engaged in the activity that happens in your marketing funnels is a key component to acquiring new customers and building a successful business.

Communication is the Key to Success in Business and Funnel Responder is programmed to communicate with you whenever there is activity in any of the funnels you create!
Full Training & Live Chat Support
Full Training
As a part of your membership, you gain full access to our complete library of video tutorials that show you exactly how every single feature works inside of Funnel Responder.

We whole-heartedly believe in supporting our members in every way possible!

Live Chat Support
You see that little orange chat circle on the bottom right hand corner of the site? That is our Live Chat.

As a part of your membership, we provide Live Chat Support! If you ever have any questions, simply click this icon and we will be happy to assist with any questions you have!

Other companies charge for live support...Not here!

We got your back!

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