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Frequently Asked Questions
How Simple is Building a Funnel with Funnel Responder?
It's actually incredibly easy! If you can follow a few simple steps, you'll have your first funnel up and ready for marketing in just a few minutes!

Who Own's the Leads?
You do. All information submitted through the funnels you create with Funnel Responder is 100% yours.

Can I Export my Leads?
Yes. At anytime, you can download your leads into a .csv file.

Do you offer Live Support?
Yes. If you ever have any questions, you can click on the live chat icon in the lower right hand corner of the site.

How many funnels can I build?
Unlimited! With your subscription, you can build as many marketing funnels as you like!

Do I need a 3rd Party Email Autoresponder?
No. Funnel Responder comes with a Fully Editable Email Autoresponder.

Do I need a 3rd Party Texting Service?
No. Funnel Responder comes with an Editable Text Responder and Keyword marketing platform.

Are there any long-term contracts?
No. We do not lock you into any kind of long-term contracts.

Can I import leads?
No. The Funnel Responder platform is a closed loop system meaning the only people we will email or text your information to are those that have specifically requested it from our system. We do this to ensure high deliverability for all that use the platform.

Can I edit my funnels at any time?
Yes. Everything in the Funnel Responder platform is database driven so an edits you make are live as soon as you save them.

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